Padron Peppers

Under the glowing sun of Spain, walking is a lifestyle. Where pilgrims of all walks of life leave the comforts of home to stroll the day away. Each day they rise with the sun and set with the sun and their destination differs from their departure. Leaving the past behind and setting a new goals for each day. And for a season life becomes a metaphor: Pilgrims travels light. Pilgrims follow the signs. Pilgrims study ancient wisdom.

Padron is a city along the way. And the peppers that grow there are deceptively sweet with an occasional spicy hot one tossed in the mix. In our pilgrim community everyone takes a pepper at random and with the solemness and ceremony of breaking bread together we all partake at the same moment. The serenity is pierced with howling and laughter as inevitably someone doubles over with delight that their pepper packed a punch.

Sauté in olive oil and sea salt.

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