Riddled with guilt

Curfew interlude between confinements

Managing Symptoms

Why are people still going to work with symptoms?

Stories are coming out of the woodwork this week. Personal testimonies of individuals who went to work with a cough.

Pharmacists who were understaffed and had no choice but to report in multiple days in a row rationalizing, “It’s just a cough,” or, “It’s just my sense of smell” !!!

Evidently, you have a hearty immune system, but evidently, you are spreading it to hundreds of other people who may have permanent damage.

Verily, verily I say it again, do not go to school or work with symptoms.

Seek treatment quickly if you have a cough and fever before complex complications can set in.

Managing Guilt

Now they feel guilty.

Perhaps they’ve tested positive. Maybe they’ve even recovered and gone back to work with a clean bill of health.

But the guilt remains. How many did I infect?

And the confusion remains. Could I have done any differently?

The boss demands in person attendance. Neighbors, even relatives, scoff, you’re overreacting, it’s probably just a cold.

Meanwhile the hospital beds fill up with intubated patients in medically induced comas breathing with the help of artificial lungs.

They caught it from someone. Most likely, someone who didn’t know they had it.

Repentance is Admission

Just admitting, yes I would have rather done that differently.

Repentance is change

Change the future not the past.

Start with you. Start with today.

Write up your plan for what you would do differently next time around.

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