Parliament COVID-19 Debate and Vote

Curfew interlude between confinements

“This is a democracy” President Macron attests. The French Parliament will host a debate followed by a vote, where all voices will be heard on the subject of COVID-19 and federal intervention and democracy will decide what is the best plan of action for the coming confinement.


The green placemat on the counter reads “Take care of the planet” designed to prompt patrons to choose a washable mug.

Here in our town Starbucks has no longer been proposing washable mugs since the pandemic interrupted our lives seven months ago.

See the white clip board behind the plexiglass? That is a monitoring list. In order to take a seat in the restaurant they require your first and last name and a phone number, just in case someone present that day tests positive.

We opted to take our coffees to-go.

Always One Step Behind

Monitoring is not prevention. You can’t keep ahead of a pandemic. If you could then it wouldn’t be called a pandemic, but an epidemic.

Think about how exhausting it is when you’re living in a constant state of catch-up. Then multiply that by an entire country’s resources and the entire planet earth.

Monitoring must be maintained. Don’t throw in the towel. You still have to call everyone you can. You catch a handful and cut off those threads that would have infected thousands. But you scramble and sacrifice knowing that the hospital beds are full and will remain that way because the virus is just that fast.

Opting-Out is the only preemptive strike we have

Stay home from school or work if you have a cough or a fever.

Self-isolate from your family immediately if you lose your sense of smell or have trouble breathing.

Self-isolate while waiting for your doctor’s appointement.

Self-isolate while waiting for test results to come back.

Only after your test result confirms you are negative should you re-enter the in-real-life world.

Seek treatment quickly if you have a cough and fever before complex complications can set in.

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