A call to sacrifice

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Curfew interlude between confinements


Every age bracket is susceptible to be afflicted by severe cases. How to talk to children about their role according to age bracket.

60 % of hospitalized cases currently in France are under 80 years of age. Infographics provided by the public health department.

In the country of France, 100,000 affected people are considered healed because they are no longer contagious. See today’s current statistics available by country or region.

But those same recovered people have lost their sense of smell and taste; they have lesions on their lungs and sometimes heart damage.

An app on the way

Previous applications attempting to track the spread of the virus were ineffective to prevent outbreaks.

An application will be rolled out on Octobre 22nd. providing first and foremost statistics concerning the rate of circulation of the virus in your region.

It will also allow you to find locations of the nearest testing labs and their availability.

When you are in a restaurant, the president encourages, be sure to turn on the app to be informed of your specific risk.

A new nation

We are in the process of re-learning how to be a nation. President Macron pleads, base your decisions on scientific facts. Stop debating whether each and every study result is true or false. Findings have been subjected to checks and balances and if there is even the slightest hope that new information released can free up hospital beds and ultimately save lives, then we should oblige ourselves to apply it.

This is a call to sacrifice. Say, yes, to work, school, and health. Be willing to sacrifice socializing with family and friends.

The president was given the choice to refer to his curfew as a nocturnal confinement, consistent with language they’ve used throughout the pandemic. But instead the president chose to employ “couvre-feu” a historical word evoking war and fear and danger. The statement was clear to the nation, we are at war, do not take this lightly.

Watch his speech here.

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