Pay it forward

Day 85 of coronavirus in France

Day 34 of enforced confinement

Easter surprises

A few days ago we handcrafted surprises and dropped them off at the doors of several friends within our 1 kilometer radius. Then we called them to let them know that a surprise was waiting our front.

Today one family dropped off their own handmade goodies on our doorstep rang the bell and hid behind the bushes. This kind of pass-it-on pay-it-forward spirit is contagious and gives meaning to our days.

  • We are thinking about someone else while we dream up what we would like to create.
  • We are working together toward a project even when we are not together.
  • We can see a tangible finished product that lasts even after the call is over.
  • We can literally touch something and *almost* interact with someone else. (While still following protocol to sterilize or quarantine things for the proper amount of time)


Russell was working in the pottery studio. He is such an extrovert that he would swing open the garage door and work in a fishbowl so that he could see everyone going by and they can see in. One set of neighbors stopped by several times to watch him work and this is the first time they’ve ever really been able to talk with them. Even on occasions that Russell had intentionally knocked on all the doors of their neighborhood, to introduce themselves when they moved in or to invite people to Christmas events, these neighbors never seemed to be home. Now that all of France is limited to a 1 km radius, we are learning a new appreciation for those in close proximity.

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