Day 53 of the Coronavirus in France

Day 2 of enforced confinement

Today we stayed in our house and yard and trimmed the trees in our backyard. It was quite a workout.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day, my six-year-old performed for us the Irish dance she learned at school.

U2 released a new song on YouTube® for Saint Patrick’s day. He sang about the loneliness of empty streets. It resonates with me, but as I gaze out my window today I’m not sure that that is the reality for many people. The park in front of our house is full of people and no one is wearing a mask.

Our city’s online forums were filled with neighbors disgusted by what they see outside their window. Neighbors walking their dogs but also walkers, cyclists, joggers and kids playing. The phase of empty streets was supposed to last longer, but people are going stir crazy on this, the second day of official confinement.

We got an update from Mickaël who some of my readers know. He works at a psychiatric hospital. This hospital is designated a Corona clean hospital. Corona positive patients are being treated in quarantined facilities. But all of the staff travel in and out every day on the metro. And as of today there are no masks or gloves for them to use.

Mickaël’s wife Valerie is a school teacher and teachers are still expected to report into work to answer emails of parents doing school lessons at home while lesson planning the next week’s remote assignments and overseeing the children of healthcare workers who are as we know high contagion carriers.

Some teachers we’ve talked to have said they’re not really getting a lot of lesson planning done for next week. It’s easy to spend all day answering questions and addressing concerns of parents.

Today was the first day I heard an American suggest the contagion was a conspiracy theory invented by the government. These governments aren’t known for working together in the past. How does closing down businesses benefit the government anyway? It is more likely that every world leader who has allowed this contagion to enter their borders will have a blemish on their record.

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