Day 51 of the Coronavirus in France (part 2)

Cami woke up this morning and expected the e-learning school day to be exactly like a normal school day. She thought she would follow the same schedule of classes just like at school including recess and dance class.

Boy was she surprised to find out that Mommy and Daddy were not going to stand up and teach class for 6hours a day. She would get flustered because there’s no way we can do everything exactly the same as her teacher on exactly the same schedule. And by surprised, I mean, she threw a fit kicking and screaming and insisting that she was completely incapable of learning any other way.

Fortunately, the teacher is perceptive and must have anticipated that because about an hour later we received an email explaining that teaching is a profession and that the school does not expect parents to become teachers. We are instructed to “accompany our children in their learning” Everyone is having a hard time getting used to the idea that life will be different for a while. Cami figured it out, but it’s amazing how you don’t realize you are not meeting someone’s expectations because they don’t even know their expectations are unrealistic.

It took about two hours for her to complete the schoolwork that was scheduled for today. And today we are still healthy enough to participate fully. I mentioned in a previous post that “It has come to our attention that e-learning is unrealistic while families are home with the flu. When things explode we go through a phase where you are consumed with getting updates from loved ones. You think of nothing else, you talk of nothing else, no other occupation has meaning.”

Slowing the spread does not guarantee that you don’t get it. The lucky ones get the flu at home while they’re in quarantine. They tell us the goal is that every human who is healthy builds their own anti-bodies. (source)

Today we came up with the idea of throwing a joint birthday party for the kids in my daughter’s class who have birthdays during this time. She would have attended one yesterday; she was invited to another two this coming Sunday and her own party would have been the following week. So we’re picturing one big party. After we celebrate the freedom of the release from self-isolation then we will celebrate all the kids birthdays together.

We are researching virtual field trips to discover online. (source)

We are seeing families enjoying Skype® appetizer-time and Facetime® coffee.

It’s difficult to call people right now. Networks are overloaded with everyone doing telecommuting even the kids.

They picked up our trash today. When you see people out doing jobs that allow the rest of the population to stay home, DON’T take that to understand that you should also go for a walk. Don’t touch the trash bin when it comes back to your house. Take precautions.

Most of my readers know that I’m not a germophobe in normal life. Play in the mud. Plenty of bacteria are healthy and beneficial. Eat dirt®. (source)

 But I’m also a quick learner and benevolence toward others is a high value of mine. So this is the new normal.

Last week Spain mobilized the army keep people in their homes. When you hear reports of Italians that are free to still roam the streets, remember that’s the same location that has too many corpses the mortuaries are full and they literally don’t know what to do with the bodies piling up. (source)

We learned today that the countries that do more testing have less severe cases. Experts have suggested that coronavirus death rates could decrease as more mild cases are confirmed. (source)

Today we heard that Trump tried to buy a German company working on a vaccination. The German government blocked the deal. (source) We’ll see how that works out. If I were researchers, I wouldn’t mind the extra money. Dear politicians and pharmaceuticals everywhere, the world is counting on them to make a deal.

Even with all of modern medicine, we have only eradicated one virus, smallpox, which required a decades-long global mass vaccination effort. (source)

If you’re concerned about your paycheck, your taxes, making your mortgage payments. Remember the entire world is going to lose 3 months of income. I understand that if you took that time off voluntarily you might miss payments, but this is global. Every country’s economy will plummet equally and we will all land on the same curve that we were on before. I will owe money to my landlord and he will owe money to someone else and at the end of the crisis this month we will have no choice but to pardon each other and pick up where we left off.

The story continues in my Coronavirus log here.

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