Virtual Community

Day 51 of the Coronavirus in France (part 4)

We’re finding ways to build community without leaving home.

So tonight we attempted our first multi-location video gathering. It was bumpy. Limited microphone technologie made for choppy conversations, and difficulty hearing. When we wanted to burst out in song together the microphone wigged out not knowing which person to listen to, it just jumped around like a scratched CD.

But we got to see each other. We got to catch up on life. And we got to toss around a lot of cool questions about our Bible reading.

Then Cami and I enjoyed watching the sunset from our front porch.

Earlier today a video was circulating of Italians cranking up the music and dancing on their balconies. Then tonight Lebanon countered with their own viral video of people dancing on their balconies. Reminding us that you can still be alive even when you’re under quarantine. But the heaviness of the situation is still very real. The empty balconies call to us. We can not ignore them.

The story continues in my Coronavirus log here.

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