Cupcake, being 2 years old, was the youngest participant, and a 13 year old was the oldest. This activity had something for everyone. It kept the kids’ hands busy while the adults discussed what they discovered together in the Bible. I love having the kids in the same room during church meetings. Nothing is secret, nothing is too sacred for little hearts to overhear and we encourage them to chime in if they have something to contribute. These kind of busy-hands activities give them something to look forward to, and occupy the littlest ones whose attention spans are shorter.

This one had lots of little steps.

First we decorated the rooftops.

Then we used the icing to assemble the house structure… lots of icing. The little ones needed help with this step and the houses needed to sit to harden during the rest of the evening.

Then they went on to sculpting nativity characters out of sugar cookie dough to complete our village of Bethlehem.

The cookies were baked and decorated.

The village was constructed and pretend play began.

Until of course the baby Jesus and all the sheep got eaten.

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