When I was a child my Mom made us Hershey kiss advent calendars. We got to eat one candy each day counting down until Christmas. In my family the month of December was always packed with random acts of kindness and holiday spirit. So when I decided to make one for my little Cupcake I blended the chocolate countdown with the holiday spirit acts of kindness that I treasure from my childhood.

When she pulls of a chocolate each day she reveals an inspirational quote or kindness act for the day.

We decided to make these together during our family Thanksgiving retreat in Burgundy. And we made sure to bring enough supplies for our guests to join in the fun and take a little piece of Thanksgiving spirit home with them to keep their hearts warm throughout the whole holiday season.

The felt is one yard long. Yarn is attached with yarn needles. Holiday spirit quotes are tied on the felt with a knot, then each holiday Hershey’s Kiss is tied with a bow so they may be untied and retied to reuse year after year.


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