Effacer Ma Honte – Yellow Armpit Stains

Plagued by yellowing armpits and sweat stains?

I had a problem recently while I was vacationing at a friend’s house.
Talk about embarrassing!!!

My innocent little sweat stains weren’t getting better in the washer, in fact they were getting worse! The rust in their water transformed every the tiniest drop of sweat into a funky orange tie dye stain. I thought the shirt was lost forever.

Then I learned this amazing new trick.
You squeeze a fresh lemon on the stain until it’s saturated, nevermind the pulp clinging to the garment, it works great. Then pour a generous amount of salt and allow it to dissolve a little into the saturated stain. Then, and this is the best part, hang the garment in direct sunlight!

If you have a stain on both sides of a shirt, don’t bother doing both sides at once, because only the side in direct sunlight will be cured. Just flip the shirt over and begin again. Then wash your shirt according to the manufacturers recommendations. Voilà! Presto-Chango! It’s like magic!

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