DISCRIMINATION – love is neither a currency nor a weapon

What makes you roll your eyes?

We are taught to use this simple facial expression to express disapproval. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve recently been lead to believe that this “innocent” expression is actually proof that we are withholding love.

When we roll our eyes at the colleague across the boardroom table we are actually communicating, something deeper, “What you said or stand for is unworthy of loving, I will not accept you or anyone who agrees with you until you change your views.” We lean on our inherent supply and demand principles assuming that if we roll our eyes often enough the love drought will bring our colleague to surrender to our ideas. What makes us think we can use love like a currency? Withholding love will never produce love.

Everyone knows that the best way to win friends and supporters is to shower them with love. Imagine how that might work next time you’re in the boardroom?

– Neo-Realist

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