Creative Nutritious Raclette Ideas

Raclette is a traditional French meal from the mountainous Alps regions. (d’Auvergne, de Savoie, de Franche-Comté).

The staple ingredients all come from the same earth, where the same sunshine, wind and rain nourished the potatoes in the ground where the cattle grazed creating the milk for the cheese that would be melted over it and the soon to be deli meats fed happily beside the grapes drinking the same water and sunshine that would create the perfect pairing.

Living in Paris where cherry tomatoes define your existence, they quickly became a fresh invite to what has become an appartement dweller’s dream meal. Requiring no prep and allowing you to host a generous crowd, where everyone cooks their own food on a special griddle in the middle of the table that allows you to grill your meat while simultaneously melting your cheese fondue to top it with. The Raclette Party seduces Parisians several times a year, and the long awaited first Raclette Party of the season is always an occasion worth celebrating.

But soon after the addition of cherry tomatoes we began improvising other food pairings in favor of an inclusive buffet accommodating all health, diet, and spiritual regimens. And thus was born the Creative Nutritious Raclette ideas, I hope they inspire you to think outside the box and come up with your own new favorite food pairings.


  Per person unit 8 servings
Raclette cheese, bouche de Chèvre, etc. 100 grams 800 grams
Thin sliced steak/chicken,
Korean beef/lamb
4 slices 32 Slices
Potatoes, Sweet potatoes 300 Grams 2400 Grams
Cornichons     1 Big jar
Apremont ½ bottle 2 Bottles
Mâche, green salad     1 Bag


250g Cherry tomatoes

200g Onions

200g Mushrooms

1 Red bell pepper

1 Zucchini

200g Asparagus

5 Fig

2 Pears


1 kg Roasted eggplant

500g Roasted cabbage


1 Rotiserie chicken

Anything you would throw on the grill, you can cook on the griddle, assuming your Raclette machine has a griddle like mine.

Nuts: macadamia, cashews, almonds, pecans


200g Chocolat 75% dark organic fair trade chocolate (Pérou is nice)

1 crate of Clementine oranges

1 Pineapple

5 Bananas

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and let your guests dip their fruit fondue style or drizzle it onto their plates as some of our more creative guests came up with. Innovation is encouraged.

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