Thanksgiving 2017 – Comment Transformer Mes Craintes En Confiance

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for a source of strength that transforms fears into confidence. In the morning I read the story of the first Thanksgiving. I intentionally chose a retelling that began with pilgrims who admit they were originally afraid of the Native Americans. The Native Americans, in fact, brought hope and life to the village by providing friendship, knowledge and collaboration. The lesson we learn is that the things we are most thankful for may also be the things we feared the most!

As many of you know, the last few months I’ve been on a wild ride, creating content and video clips for friends and clients. For me this has been that kind of terrifying project, but when I sit down to write and research I get a boost of energy confirming I’m in the right place: connecting to the source, and connecting others to the source of life.

What life lessons have you learned this year?

Comment life lessons below, and send in your photos to add to the mosaic as well.

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