4th Birthday Party

The story of my four-year-old’s giant birthday party.

It was a gorgeous spring day for the beautiful city park in front of our house to welcome twenty kids and ten parents to explore six science experiments. The discoveries included learning to use a microscope to identify grass and algae, a tin-can telephone, a static electricity globe, floating ping-pong balls on the air flow of a hair dryer, making their own gak, and making their own toothpaste.

The toothpaste experiment stole the show. As I said goodbye to each child I asked them what their favorite activity was and the toothpaste workshop was the overwhelming favorite. Click here for the recipe.

As parents confirmed their attendance I explained that I was expecting twenty kids and that there would be plenty of parents to ensure their safety, but that if they wanted to stay it was certainly going to be a ton of fun. At this age parties are drop-off events and parents do look forward to the time away, so I was shocked and pleased when so many grown ups were excited to stay and explore science experiments side by side with their kids.

This was our gift to Cupcake this year. The time and organization, the materials purchased, and the unlimited guest list were all investments in this gift experience. Of course she got to unwrap little gifts from her guests, but there was no box with a bow from Mommy and Daddy this year, just six science experiments with twenty friends and the most delicious cupcakes in the world. She loves to be surrounded by people so this is her idea of the ideal gift. She wants to invite even more people to the next party. Ha Ha.

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