Cultivating Solidarity – Your Ideas On Showing Support?


Standing shoulder to shoulder for one minute in silence is not enough.  We need each other. We need to hear each other’s struggles. We need to know somebody cares.

In the comments below, I invite you to share your actual life experiences where someone’s kindness brought you hope after the death of a loved one or after 9/11.

Cami and I took a plate of cookies to several neighbors to ask if their loved ones were okay and to see how they were coping. We gave ourselves time to chat an hour with those that were open.

I’ve learned that most people have not had any meaningful interaction with their neighbors since the tragedy.

I’ve learned that all of the school field trips have been canceled through the end of the year. Parents and teachers feel like they’re in prison.

I’ve learned that one family baked cookies for their police and firemen.

Most of the FaceBook posts I read are full of anger, resentment, and intolerance. We are the city of LIGHT, but choosing to fight darkness with darkness.

What practical services help create unity in your community?


1 thought on “Cultivating Solidarity – Your Ideas On Showing Support?

  1. Thank you for acting in love and being real. I think it starts there, there are pain and hurts all around and because we cannot reach everyone shouldn’t mean we don’t try to reach someone….stepping out of our comfort zones to love well those who are right next to us is where we start. If we all truly started with our neighbors….I appreciate a phone call, a text, someone stopping by to say hey, we care…it means SO much to me when someone not only says they will pray for me but they stop right where we are and pray. Thank you for these examples…I need to get back to loving our neighbors and others well. We have made cookies in the past and have handed them out in our neighborhood a few times with cards. Thank you for the life challenge Nichole. I know you were a blessing to your neighbors.

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