Elf Baby on the Shelf…

Who doesn’t love a holiday game of hide-n-seek with their baby dolls? But there are SOOO many things about the original “Elf on the Shelf” that I disagree with. First and foremost this concept that some elf (or anyone for that matter) would be watching you every move to catch you being naughty and ring in the season with punishments and sanctions. My sister also reminded me that the original story emphasizes that the elf himself is naughty every night and in the morning when we catch him skiing in the sugar it glorifies the thrill of naughtiness. So, to be clear we have banned that story from the ears of our impressionable little Cupcake and we are recreating this tradition as a simple story about how all the toys get put away at night and one of them plays hide and seek in the morning. Cupcake calls this doll “Baby” and giggles every morning when she finds her playing in an unexpected place. She’ll be two in March and she’s really getting the hang of hide and seek, so this is a really fun way to start the day. It’s also a portable tradition we can take with us as we visit family this Christmas/New-Year’s season.




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