Discovering Dijon Playgrounds

We go to a park almost every day. And we are trying to discover as many parks in Dijon as possible. Here are some we’ve visited so far…


Square des Saunières

This was my one & a half year old’s favorite park so far!!! My baby wasn’t nearly as intimidated as I was, she made short work out of the cargo net and the stairs were just her size.



Square Eugène Spuller

This double wide slide is only accessible by a steep climbing wall. Toddlers won’t be able to make it up. A two person teeter-totter is the only other installation.



Square Charles le Téméraire

Lots of pre-school aged kids were here at this park, but my one & a half year old wasn’t tall enough to make it up the ladder by herself on the only play equipment at this park which is this modern art style wire sculpture with a small slide.


Square Montchapet

Tons of playground equipment at this park! Including a secure small slide ideal for one year-olds! Most of the installations are designed for tiny tots with one swinging bridge that would appeal to the school aged children. A rocking animal, a four-person teeter-totter, a train with a tunnel, a sand box with play table, and a hilly grassy part.


Port du Canal

This park with nautical themed construction has a full jungle gym you see here. The slide is very tall but my one & a half year old was excited that she could climb up the steps and down the slide all by herself. We just had to be constantly at her side because the platforms have 1.5 meter drop offs that are anything but secure for a baby. The rocking toy shaped like a wind surfer  was also appreciated !!! There is also a spider’s web net for the older kids, a ball court, and a wading pool in the summer.


By far the best baby park I’ve seen so far. This tiny slide is shoulder height for my one & a half year old and all of the play equipment are equally as baby friendly. This is a great location to practice those first steps. Baby slide, rocking bunny, play car, four person teeter-totter, and a sand pit with a play table all within a secure latching toddler gate. Outside the toddler gate this park also has ping pong tables for the young at heart, a picnic table and bathrooms.


Parc Clémenceau

Tons of stuff crammed into a small space. This is the preschool playground with it’s own latched gate keeping the little ones contained but my one & a half year old found it too sophisticated. The climbing jungle gym was too challenging and the lowest rung of the ladder was too tall for her to master by herself. After she was helped up the first step she could climb all the way up and down the slide. Outside this preschool enclosure there is also a pre-teen enclosure with a much bigger jungle gym, a ball court and a wading pool in the summer.


Square Darcy

This pedal merry-go-round is one of the many unique attractions here at Darcy. Unfortunately for my obsessed one & a half year old, the slide here is reserved for the big kids and the only access is by a climbing the arched monkey bars or the climbing wall. They do have a château she can climb all over in the background of this photo, a wobbling canoe that tests her balance, a two person rocking animal, a four person teeter-totter, and … A huge highlight for the babies is the rocking car, labeled 1-3 years old, it is more secure than most rocking animals and my baby went ecstatic at 9 months old !



Square Marguerite-Jean Menneveau

I love this tiny park. It was here that I fell in love with small squares and gated toddler play areas. The parents can congregate and chat and the children are completely safe. What you see is what you get. One very big awesome wooden slide with proper stairs that are secure for children of any age. Mine was climbing up and sliding down at only 15 months, basically from the time she was taking her first steps, and I didn’t even have to be next to her to keep her safe. There are also two rocking animals.


Parc du Chateau de Pouilly


This is the best picnic spot we’ve found so far there is a large grassy field that is nice and level for picnic blankets, frisbee, football, or hillbilly horse-shoes. There are picnic tables and bathrooms. The first playground is more challenging with plenty of monkey bars and spinning seats, but I included it’s photo too because even my one & a half year old could climb up the stairs and slide down the slide all by herself.


This second photo is the toddler enclosure with tiny equipment safely latched within it’s own gate so the little ones can’t run off. In addition to the jungle gym you see here, there is also a play cabin, two rocking animals and a four person teeter-totter.




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