The Pre-Thanksgiving Party

We were so bummed a month ago when we started receiving RSVP’s for our Thanksgiving retreat. We hit a pretty low depression. I was like, “Man, I thought this was one of the things we love the best?” And with ten of our favorite people unable to come, I had some major doubts as to where we needed to invest our time.

Then as that week, that feels oh, so long ago, dragged on. A bright idea appeared in our email box. “Hey, mom and dad, some of us can’t come to Thanksgiving retreat so we have decided together to plan a Thanksgiving party in Party in Paris. I know you’re very busy organizing the Thanksgiving at the chateau, so we will do all of the planning and all of the cooking and we want to invite you two to be our guests.”

How flattering it was to see their initiative, and creativity. We cleared our calendar for the date they had chosen and we celebrated Thanksgiving with a dozen very dear friends in a 100sq ft apartment with a traditional French raclette meal. It was absolutely lovely.

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