My Hubby Celebrates One-Third of a Century

Maybe the biggest bash ever! We had lots of fun at the party, but look at all of the ways our friends and neighbors are caring for Rob…

We expected a crowd and we knew we wouldn’t have enough glasses to go around. So Rob had the idea of asking our neighbors if we could borrow some of theirs. Anything for Rob’s Birthday! Our neighbors are restaurant owners and they brought up two boxes of glasses from their basement for us…

Meanwhile our good friend Nam was concocting a surprise Birthday gift. I have never seen so many people mobilized to give money before in my life! It was truly awe inspiring! Together Nam and over a dozen of Rob’s closest friends all bought him a Soda Club water carbonator. It turns tap water into sparkling water. Stay tuned for more details…

One of his best friends, Julien, spent countless hours working on the cake, Chou À La Crème which he made from scratch!

For Rob’s 33rd birthday his cream puff cake is made of 33 pastry puffs filled with homemade cream.

When Gerald showed up he went straight to the hand-me-down guitar that’s been sitting in the corner of our living room for over three months now, and simply started stringing it with new strings. Then he played for us. What a thoughtful gift!

Then we got him a dinner table game with lots of little vials of common flavors that you sniff and guess what the scent is…

You’ll notice I’ve tried to feature different guests in each of these photos, but I didn’t include all of the photos. Two of our guests were under one-year old!!! And each guest was supposed to bring a gourmet cheese! Creating the best buffet spread ever!

This is only half of the cheese buffet. We had so much leftover that I think half of my refrigerator is solid cheese right now! Anybody want some? I think I’m going to need some help finishing it off.

Over all it was a ver merry birthday, and a great time was had by all.

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