You’ve Got Coke In Your Heart

Met a neighbor on the street in front our house tonight. She’s a descendant from French nobility (who isn’t?). She’s feeling guilty (who doesn’t?). She’s attracted by Buddhism (who wouldn’t be?). She said she would be interested in getting to know God. I said he’s been waiting for her and I just happened to have a free Bible in my bag. She said she could never change because she has detestable thoughts in her heart. She wished she could have peace like I radiating from me.

I took her to the counter of Häagen Dazs and grabbed the first drink I could get my hands on – a bottle of Coca-Cola. I looked her in the eyes and said, “You have Coke in your heart. It’s acidic and bitter and sour. You want orange juice in your heart, but nothing you can do to this Coke can transform it into orange juice. You can’t add anything, food coloring won’t help. But Jesus can transform water into wine. He can transform your Coca-Cola into orange juice.” She was staring straight at me following closely. She mumbled something about Zen and I jumped back in. “The problem is Buddhism will never promise to transform your heart. The only thing it can promise is that you will have to try harder. And you’ve been trying all of your life haven’t you? It’s not working. You need Jesus to change you from the inside out. Ask him and he’ll do it.”

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